Maneuvering within Islam`s narrative space
January-March 2018
By: Brian L Steed

Narrative is not solely a cognitive domain, which is why it is described as more than story. It is the environment, the experience and the associated cognition.

Narrative space

Narrative space has terrain, just as does physical space. Narrative space terrain is made up of ideas, concepts, humiliations, grievances, history, culture, language, religion, etc. that have different values in terms of shaping the thoughts and associated actions of people who reside in that narrative space. Narrative, for the purposes of this theory, includes social identity, liminal narrative and transient narrative. Figure 1.3 captures the imagery of this concept in that social identity forms the core of how the society or culture sees itself and the most deeply rooted narrative structures. It is the bedrock of the later described narrative space.

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